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Trooper’s Diary


Through a brumby´s mane

Trooper gives Teagan a kiss

Mae Lee on Trooper without anyone holding him

No drama Trooper

Getting Trooper ready to feel a human on his back

A tearful moment when Carlos Tabernaberri sits on Trooper for the first time

A wet brumby waits for his breakfast bucket on a winter morning

Brumby in the mist

Where´s my little friend Bella?

Yes, I put Trooper on a pedestal

The soft velvety nose of the brumby

Who is this handsome fella?

Bay Brumby Breakfast Club

Me and my shadow

Little brumby bub Trooper at the vet dentist

I really am dog

Another brumby moves into the neighborhood

Floods in the valley

Trooper see´s Elsie

Happy Horses

Trooper  is the inspiration for the creation of Wild Horse Journal and the book Mae Lee co-authored, Brumby: A celebration of Australia’s wild horses.  He  has been written about in several Australian newspapers and magazines, including the Town and Country Leader and The Horse Downunder, telling of his capture in winter 2010 as a baby from the Snowy Mountains in Kosciuzko National Park, New South Wales, Australia; his rejection at the Camden sale yards and eventual transport to slaughter at the Edgeworth Knackery near Sydney and his last hour rescue.

“Trooper’s Diary” on Flickr (link above)  is a photo documentary of his life from the time of his adoption. He is most definitely “The little brumby who could” and there is a children’s book in progress about his life from capture to rescue.   For more about his ongoing journey, and that of other wild horses, visit us on Facebook at Wild Horse Journal.   Trooper’s fans always appreciate the updates about his cheeky antics and his groundwork lessons under the guidance of bitless riding and brumby advocate,  horseman Carlos Tabernaberri.

We hope to post all photos and stories as soon as possible.  In the meantime, to enjoy the photo journey of Trooper’s life thus far, click here: