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Wild Horse Journal is the first of its kind blog dedicated to the magnificent yet often misunderstood world of wild horses who suffer tragically on a global scale.  Inspired by a little Australian brumby named ‘Trooper’,  WHJ is an invitation to come on a literary and visual journey of discovery, awe and connection in understanding and protecting the last of the existing herds with the intention that ultimately, the knowledge gained from study of wild horses will help all horses.  Mae Lee felt compelled to do all that she could to help the brumbies after adopting Trooper.  He was captured in the winter as a foal during an Australian Government culling operation in the legendary Snowy Mountains.  After no one purchased him at the sale yards, he went straight to the slaughterhouse along with + 40 other brumbies and likely his family band.  He and two other brumbies were rescued at the last minute by a few brumby advocates. The rest were slaughtered.

Trooper one year after his capture and rescue

Our goal in this endeavor is to bring you provocative news stories, personal interviews with leading equine researchers and scientists, breathtaking photographs and sagely wisdom from the most respected spiritual and cultural leaders from around the world.

More stories ahead…join us for “news you can run with.”

About Trooper:  see the page “Trooper’s Diary”

Trooper and Mae Lee at home 2 years after his adoption. At age 4, Trooper still has growing to do so he's learning groundwork under the guidance of non violent and bitless trainer, Carlos Tabernaberri.

Trooper and Mae Lee 2 years after his adoption. At age 4, Trooper still had growing to do.   Since then he has learned groundwork under the guidance of non violent and bitless trainer, Carlos Tabernaberri of Whispering Acres in Australia.

About the editor:

Mae Lee Sun is co-author of the 2013 release, ‘Brumby: A celebration of Australia’s wild horses’ by Exisle Publications.   She is a freelance journalist/photographer, editor, writer and animal welfare advocate and has worked in the United States and abroad since 1995 and in Australia. Her articles and essays have appeared in numerous newspapers and literary journals and range in topics from animal welfare to women’s issues, green technology and spirituality.  She presented a white paper on the use of endangered species parts in Traditional Chinese Medicine at a CITIES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) sponsored conference of the ASA (Asian Conservation Alliance) in Japan, has successfully lobbied with prominent animal welfare organizations including WSPA UK to pass human euthanasia laws for companion and farm animals in Taiwan, managed the education program for a noted sanctuary for animals used as food,  established the first U.S. Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) internship at an animal shelter at the Boulder Valley Humane Society in Colorado and ghost wrote materials for a book on vegan living.  She holds M.A.’s in both Sociology and Buddhist Studies and has adopted 2 brumby’s – ‘Trooper’ and ‘Mickey Mouse’, (read the dramatic story of Mickey the $10 brumby) her rescue dog ‘Coco’ and rescue cat ‘Rascal’.  When not at her desk, she’s having a ‘cuppa’ in the paddock.  She’s working on another book- an illustrated children’s story about Trooper.