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Environmentalist and animal welfare advocate supports Australia’s wild horses

In honour of the Brumby

September 18th, 2013 | Add a Comment

Guest blog

This week’s guest blogger is Mae Lee Sun, who along with Kathryn Massey authored our stunning Septmember release Brumby. A celebration of Australia’s wild horses.

Mae-Lee-and-Trooper-low-resI can’t remember a time when I wasn’t acting on behalf of humans, animals and the environment — but animals in particular. My dear late parents used to call me the Pied Piper, because my connection with cats, dogs, insects, fish, goats, you name it, was so strong that they’d either follow me home or I’d follow them!

From kindergarten on, I’d always be showing up with something fuzzed or feathered wrapped in my arms or snuggled in a box, asking my parents ‘Can we keep it?’ or ‘It fell out of it’s nest. Please can we find it’s Mom?’ This sense of connection with animals hasn’t changed, except now it’s accompanied by a greater sense of responsibility and advocacy.

The questions I ask now are of myself and the world at large and are more sophisticated and deeper in their reach. I question how we can continue to act in a way that shows such little respect for these fellow passengers on the planet we call home.

While volunteering in Asia I worked to pass animal protection laws and beefed up endangered species legislation. When I moved to Australia, it wasn’t long before I became aware of the plight of the Brumbies and this was followed by my subsequent adoption of Trooper, my little bay Brumby whom I adore. So it’s no wonder then that this book came about. The story and photos of Trooper as a foal just after his capture were so compelling that I felt a moral imperative as his steward to share it with others in order to shed light on what is happening to wild horses around the world who lack any legal protection.

Forget about calling them ‘feral’ animals. A few minutes with Trooper or any horse will tell you that not only are they resilient, intelligent and loyal animals, but they epitomise the spirit and freedom of the people they have served and the land on which they’ve laboured in nearly every culture on the planet. If we lose them in Australia, we lose everything they symbolise as well.

My highest hopes for this book are to inspire the best in humanity and to share — through my story and Trooper’s, and the other incredibly diverse contributions — what is possible when it comes to relating to these incredible beings. They reconnect us to our heart and soul. Why wouldn’t we treasure that?

brumby_FRONT COVER 600px

Brumby. A celebration of wild horses

By Kathryn Massey and Mae Lee Sun

RRP $45.00. Author royalties go to Brumby rescue and rehoming efforts



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