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Tucson company leads bio-surveillance, disease tracking tech

Tech News Arizona
Published June 16, 2009
By Mae Lee Sun
TNAZ Regional Correspondent
First it was the West Nile virus, SARS, and then came Avian Flu. And after that, Salmonella hit the stage and a huge recall of tomatoes and spinach was in order. With the declaration by the CDC that ‘H1N1′ Swine Flu is pandemic, activities in the disease-tracking world of Mike Popovich, founder and CEO of Scientific Technologies Corporation, heated up.
Dr. Xiaohui Zhang, Chief Scientist for Scientific Technologies Credit: Mae Lee Sun

Dr. Xiaohui Zhang, Chief Scientist for Scientific Technologies Credit: Mae Lee Sun

Located in the Bank of Tucson tower on East Broadway in Tucson, Ariz., Popovich’s company developed the web-based disease surveillance and Immunization Information Systems software used by multiple state and federal agencies that help the CDC identify and characterize the epidemiology of a disease outbreak. Once identified, the government can implement control and mitigation measures to protect the public. The technology specifically responsible for flagging H1N1 says Popovich, was similar to that of West Nile virus years ago in New York.
“It’s common for health officials to become aware of new disease or possible outbreaks through laboratory test results first. In the case of STC’s state disease surveillance clients, automated electronic laboratory reporting is a central feature. This function of the software allows rapid, integrated reporting of laboratory results that may be of public health significance,” he says. “We employ a group of seasoned public health and technical application developer professionals who are experienced in creating, deploying and supporting a variety of disease surveillance management systems according to end-user needs.”

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